Welcome to the blog of a true renaissance man, Rev. James B. Pennington. Wikipedia defines a renaissance man as “a present-day man who has acquired profound knowledge or proficiency in more than one field”, or as I like to say, “jack of all trades but expert in none!” One of my great passions is coffee and coffee shop cultures. Coffee shops are great places to get fully awakened as you drench your gullet and mind with a “red eye”. Coffee shops are also fantastic places to connect and find like-minded people or “other-minded” individuals that challenge your current world view.
This blog will offer you (and me) an opportunity to share in new and sometimes challenging awakenings to life, to the spirit of humanity within each of us, and to the presence of the sacred that fills our known universe.

Feel free to comment on my reflections. I only ask that you too are hyped up on caffeine when you do respond!

PLEASE NOTE: In Chicago, at the age of eleven, I was downing cups upon cups of Sanka and Tasters Choice freeze dried coffees which now make me quiver and shiver. Please make sure to drink organic, fair trade, shade grown and carbon free coffee! I know that sounds elitist and yes, the challenge is that there are those who don’t have the resources and cannot afford the coffee that may be best for them, the growers and for the environment.


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